Mary's event photography usually takes one of two forms: animal performance events (such as lure coursing, dog obedience, and dog conformation) or animal-related events (fundraisers for animal-centric charities, award ceremonies for animal-related volunteerism). The former type of events usually require that participants pay some sort of entry fee. Mary provides proofs to participants and charges for prints and downloads of specific pictures chosen online from the available proofs. The sponsoring organization usually arranges to receive award pictures and/or a short series of commemorative images for their website. For animal-related events Mary is generally paid a fixed fee for which a specific number of images are provided to the sponsoring organization. Fees are negotiable based on the duration of the event and number of images requested, but generally range from $150-500.

Mary can also participate in fundraising events where she will take pet portraits onsite at the fundraiser. Sitting fees are donated to the charity and Mary is paid for images purchased by participants. A minimum guaranteed order of $150 is required for these events.

If you are looking for proofs from a specific event, please select one of the following to find the gallery of proofs for your event:

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