Mary O.


I am a photographer in northern Virginia who specializes in pet portaits, event photography and nature photography. I have been a photographer since retiring from the IT field in early 2001. My photos have been published in the Washington Post, magazines, advertisements and calendars, and have won awards in competitions.

I am available to take pictures in the DC and northern Shenandoah Valley areas by appointment.

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Companion Animals

Other than Wolfhounds

Portraits of cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs ... well, you get the idea.

Irish Wolfhounds

My passion

Thousands of pictures of this magnificent breed of dog. Some competing in conformation, obedience or lure coursing, candids at shows, pictures at home, and prints and gifts.


Wild animals and birds

Non-domesticated mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds, mostly in their natural settings.

Insects and Flora

i.e., bugs and flowers

Bugs of all shapes and sizes and the wild and garden-variety flowers they can be found on.

Landscapes and Places

Inanimate subjects, or, in the case of landscapes, minimally animate.

Digital Art

Painting-like images

Digital photographs creatively edited into art.

About Me

and what I do in my spare time

Most of my free time is taken up with animal-related things. I was a key volunteer at my local animal shelter from 2001-2017, and have served on the Boards of several animal-related organizations, as well as serving on a variety of committees for quite a number of organizations.

I share my home with Irish Wolfhounds, a houserabbit, a cat, an African Grey parrot, and my husband of 30+ years. I am deeply involved in the "Wolfhound world," show my own dogs, and try them at lure coursing (with varying degrees of success). I have bred Irish Wolfhounds and hope to do so again in the future. Puppies are a terrific time-waster! I can usually be found at St. Patrick's Day parades in northern Virginia with one or more hounds, and at regional and national specialty shows (nothing but Irish Wolfhounds). I think it's fair to say the dogs and dog-related volunteer activities take up much of my time.

I am an avid gardener, albeit of the "live and let live" variety, since I refuse to coddle flowers and I actually like some weeds. I can often be found in the summer wandering around my garden looking for interesting bugs, and have been known to spend hours watching caterpillars form a chrysalis, or emerge as butterflies. Nature is just endlessly fascinating to me.